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Apprentices being interviewed about their experiences film transcript

Interviewer Mary-Rose talks to 5 apprentices about their experience of being Dounreay apprentices


Mary-Rose: “What did you apply to become an apprentice in the first instance?”

Erin: “Yeah I had applied to university, and I got in but I just preferred the idea of an apprenticeship you know it was close to home and you were just going learn so much more by getting hands on as well as doing things in college.”

Mary-Rose: “So are there are lot of workshops on site that still have machine shops?”

Jack: “Yeah they have all been, there are all really good machine shops and it’s a really good opportunity to learn and kind of get a hands-on and the people working there are really good they show you a lot of skills and that, that really do help.”

Mary-Rose: “What would you say is the best thing about a Dounreay apprenticeship, what have you found the most fun and the most rewarding?”

Neeve: “Obviously they put you on team building and we got to Loch Eil so that was definitely up there like as one of the best things but another thing is that everyone has normally been through an apprenticeship like the tradesmen and all that so they are so willing to help you will literally make friends with everyone, you are gaining live skills as well as skills you can take on in different jobs and that as well.”

Chloe: “Yeah, I think it such a friendly environment like there’s always a familiar face wherever you go, and everyone is keen to help you if you’ve got any questions.”

Mary-Rose: “So it’s nice to see there’s a bit more diversity, how do you feel that Dounreay copes with that? I guess I will ask that question to Chloe.”

Chloe: “I think it makes no difference being a girl like you just go into a workshop and its just the same as if you are a boy, you are just taken on into the team.”

Mary-Rose: “Cool, no that’s good to hear, really nice to hear, has that been your experience as well Erin?”

Erin: “Yeah, definitely like you just get treated exactly the same northing really seems different to be honest”

Mary-Rose: “What’s the best thing about being a Dounreay apprentice?”

Shaun: “The experiences that you gain on the apprenticeship and also the respect that you have because no one especially with my time that I have been on site even though its minimum no one’s sort of looked down at you because you are an apprentice everyone treats you with the same respect that they would expect to see back.”

Jack: “You get good college skills in it; you get really good hands on and it’s really worth doing.”

Neeve: “Just don’t like shut down an opportunity if you have one like whether your scared your going to be the only girl or anything like that you should honestly just make the most of it because it is one of the best experiences that I’ve got so far.”

Lewis: “Do you think it would be good to sort of give tips for the interview cause that’s a big part of how there gonna get their apprenticeship?”

Mary-Jane: “That’s an excellent idea, yeah do you want to lead us of on that Lewis?”

Lewis: “I was just thinking always practice and get used to the sound of your own voice saying it and do your research like I know when I did my interview I was nervous so I just tried to do as much research as I could on Dounreay and how the place works and what stuff you’d be working on cause I think it really impresses the interviewers if you do put the effort in, efforts always important cause they can see you have put it in.”

Shaun: “You should try to think of questions as well to ask the interviewers.”

Erin: “Yeah that’s the best thing if they see that you have actually taken an interest in it outside of work, they can ask you questions about it, cause they love stuff like that.”

Mary-Rose: “So what’s involved in the interview process is there, do you have to a test or something before, like once you have applied?”

Group: “Yeah.”

Mary-Rose: “Is that how the down select who they are going to interview, yeah. So what’s in that test?”

Erin: “It was like math, English, problem solving and there is a colour-blind test as well just in case you want to go on and be like a sparkie (electrician) on an instrument, that’s how the narrow it down.”

Mary-Rose: “Neave did you have any work experience before you started?”

Neave: “Well I knew I wanted to go into some sort of design, and I did work experience at an architecture company in Tain. Just so I could learn the basics of CAD, inventor, and all sorts of things like that”.

Shaun: “The School link course is good through the college and the school as that can give you a bit of hands-on experience with each of the different trades so that it can help refine what choice you want to make as well. With the college you go on a Friday for a day and it’s like a small college course its just on every Friday and I done the same as Lewis I done the Nat 5 Engineering Skills course so it helped sort of refine what trade I wanted to go into and its good to get an experience of what you can expect on site, the rough basics of the trade what you want to go into. Its good as well because the lecturers you go through the school link with are also the lecturers that you’ll have in the college during your apprenticeship, so if you make a good impression on them it can help with hopefully getting into the apprenticeship because they can also put in a good word for you if Dounreay decides to speak to the college they can give an idea of what to expect.”

Mary-Rose: “Thanks very much guys, really the best of luck with the rest of your career and I really do look forward to seeing you on site, hopefully sooner rather than later, okay guys take care.”

Group – collective goodbyes.