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Colin, Project Supervisor: Film transcript

My name is Colin Campbell and I am a construction project supervisor working in the Dounreay site I’m on the DCP store extension project which is a very large construction project that’s been ongoing now for over 3 years.

We are building more or less a big concrete box structure for housing drummed waste its quite a good project really opened my eyes to the construction industry and allowed me to sort of flourish into the area of expertise I wanted to move into.

I have been with Dounreay now since 2014, I started as a mechanical student and found myself that I wasn’t really into the physical side of mechanical engineering I was paired up with a civil engineer and Dounreay allowed me to then move more into a civil side being more interested in the management side of things rather than civil engineering I went into construction management. Dounreay paid for me to do my construction management degree and my NVQ level 6 which I have been undertaking over the last 3 years as a night school.

It’s been great to allow me to do follow my career path even though I changed it halfway through it was really, really good of them to do that.

The project that I work on is quite a unique project to the site that we have actually taken a lot of contractors and we are working with a lot of bag trades every day and its between 40 and 50 men one thing I have taken from the job is it’s good to see and get other people’s ideas that are fresh into Dounreay to promote the new people coming in and bring in a new sense of industry skills into Dounreay is always key to bridge on.

So one thing I like about the area is the people in Caithness are always very welcoming and what I’ve noticed working on large scale jobs is the amount of new people that are coming into the area they always commend Caithness as being like a very forthcoming area and a couple of people that I have met over the last few years have moved up here.

I have a big interest in photography, landscape photography and wildlife photography and that is something Caithness is renowned for. The 2 people that I know that move up here are local photographers as well.

In my spare time I am Chairman of Thurso Camera Club so that eats up a lot of my time as well outside of work but allows me to meet new people in line with my hobby.