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Emily, Dounreay Graduate: Film transcript

I’m Emily I’m a graduate. I’m quite lucky that I have an active role in the data management, I have an active role in the sampling team, but I also see the work that goes into writing the physical reports and any consultancy that you go into in the future is going to want that work done.

I studied environmental science at Plymouth University my studies before focused on remediation of land and that’s what attracted me to here, I got chatting to someone who already worked on site and I was talked to them about what they did and what I’ve done in the past and they suggested that I send my CV in and I did and now I work with him.

What attracted me it’s the area mostly it was just the completely unspoiled beauty you’ve got hills, all around beautiful coastline, it’s a great place to be based if you want to explore. I think ultimately everyone’s got the same goal everyone wants the site to close and for the local area to be better than it was when we started. I found everyone so welcoming it’s not a small site but working in small teams you really sort of get to know the people that you’re working with everyone’s very friendly. everyone was new once.