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Emma, Dounreay Apprentice: Film transcript

I’m Emma I’m an instrument design apprentice so I work on different drawings that people come to me with, some depend like could be wiring diagrams or flow diagrams. I was just finishing sixth year, and I’d done a work experience placement actually in this office cause I wasn’t sure what I’d wanted to do and I really enjoyed it. 

To apply for the apprenticeship there’s forms online and then there’s a few different open days, there’s different school events that they actually just talk to just school pupils and they can then help you if you have any questions about applying. You put in your application form and then you go to a few tests and if you pass them you then get invited for an interview.

Being a design apprentice, I actually did like a year in the workshops that had 6 months with instruments and 6 months with the sparkies (electricians) so I think that experience was good then to take that knowledge into here.

Apprentices try fundraise for the community so we recently climbed Ben Bhraggie and raised almost £2,000 so that money was split between 3 charities. It’s good just to fundraise for the communities it’s just going back to everyone within the area.