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Gemma, Dounreay Graduate: Film transcript

My name is Gemma I’m a safety case writer trainee and I just started the graduate scheme back in August here. I just wanted to see what else was available to do with my law degree because I didn’t want to be a lawyer, but I did want to do something with it and a friend recommended the graduate scheme to me because there was lots of different options it wasn’t just engineering or just science. Coming from London which was almost one person in a big city whereas I had the option to different things here that never have got to do in London.

I get the opportunity to volunteer in a local community which is part of working at Dounreay as well, so I’m a local ambassador for a volunteering scheme called Developing the Young Workforce and local community.

I’ve been part of the Dounreay team we do lots of kind of social things outside of work as well as that there’s always something to eat lunch with it’s just, you’re not in your own bubble you there’s lots of people to talk to get involved with.

The process to apply to the scheme itself was fairly straightforward it was just your normal application form. Last year’s graduates were at the assessment centre as well, so they were there to help kind of keep it a bit more relaxed and you didn’t feel as you were being assessed quite as much.

A lot of people are moving up together, so it’s been really good there and the staff themselves are being so welcome and I think they’ve liked the fact all these graduates are here to pass on their knowledge.