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Michael, Dounreay Graduate: Film transcript

I’m Michael Judt I’m a graduate on the site here and I work for the reactors design and engineering team. I studied at Aberdeen University I did chemical engineering there. When I graduated I kind of looked all over the UK for a job but I knew the area up here because I come up here for some surfing trips and I thought well look see if there’s a job going there and there was, and I got onto the Graduate development scheme.

It’s very remote but because of that I think it brings everyone together and it’s a very close community there’s lots of things to do especially outdoor activities for me like surfing or hill walking. The graduate scheme provides you with quite a lot of training and development. The courses are really great there’s both internal and external courses. So I produce a quarterly report which is then marked by the mentor and gets banked where and that’s how I can build up my experience and eventually become a chartered engineer.

I’ve learnt so much here at Dounreay and it’s preparing me very well and I’m still learning all the time so yes, I mean the site’s being decommissioned and there will be an end date we’ll all have to leave but it’s prepared me well to go off and look for another job somewhere else.