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Roger, Senior Design Engineer: Film transcript

My name is Roger Broughton, and I am a mechanical engineer working at the reactors. I started in 2008 and at 30 years old having previously worked in oil and gas decided I wanted to come to a rural part of Scotland and enjoy less traffic, an outdoor lifestyle, space and minimise travelling especially abroad.

Dounreay is a site that is interesting, unique fast reactor programme, often engineering companies will have sites that are far away or even abroad but Dounreay is all one site which means you can visit the plant whenever you want, and designs are installed not far from where you sit.

Innovation is pronounced due to bespoke original designs which means there are no guidebooks on methods to dismantle and decommission. When there is a success if feels satisfying as everyone involved no matter how briefly is aware of the difficulties to achieve a positive result.

On my lifestyle I got married and have a child and it’s great of his development using the space in the garden, cycling and walking. There are small, friendly schools. My wife works from home and drops my son off at the bus stop which is only one mile away from our house. I sometimes cycle home with him at the end of the day when it’s nice weather.

We were lucky enough to build a house and now we are creating a garden with a shed, quad bike, tractor, mowers, and all manner of machinery to work on the garden.

The traditional music scene is very popular with traditional sessions, all manner of music is catered for and there are festivals locally and in Orkney which is easy to get to. I enjoy cycling and it’s popular and I am the member of one of the local clubs.

The beaches are unspoilt and not crowded. Occasionally just taking a drive locally to do some sightseeing is still pleasurable despite living here for decades.

Overall, I think people enjoy Dounreay as it becomes a lifestyle change for the better not just a career or job change.