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Scott, Dounreay Apprentice: Film transcript

My name’s Scott Yuille I’m an electrical Apprentice I’ve been working here for about two and a half years. I got involved through college, I left school and did my HNC and I further my career through Dounreay.

In my spare time I like going shooting, going sea fishing We’re surrounded by the sea really. So the apprenticeship program consists full time at college for your first year, through your second year you’re part time at college and the rest of the time at Dounreay a third year you’re more based at Dounreay.

I like working here because there’s something different to do every day there’s no just one specific task that you have to carry out. So, the skills that we learn at Dounreay it’s going to be transferable into different areas of work. People you work with are confidence boosters really, they try and progress you through your career try get more hands-on your best apprentice really.

So, at Dounreay you have the option to carry out a degree if you want to. The benefit of that is also you gain a qualification at the end of it and Dounreay’s paid for all that you aren’t left with the struggles of debt. So, the next year and a half I’m hoping to complete a degree and finish my apprenticeship and hopefully be taken on by Dounreay.

As far as moving on in my career Dounreay is a good stepping stone as everybody sees it as a good company.